Live your value with Biblical Life Coaching

Helping Christian women who feel alone to fully receive God’s love and live an abundant, joy-filled life.


At Journey to Peace, we know that you want to be a grounded daughter of God.

In order to do that, you need to experience God’s love where it matters

Get your life back by creating a proven, customized, daily emotional stability plan.

Identify the lies that are masking your true identity.

Build self awareness of the mind traps that tempt you the most.

Create a strategy to walk in daily peace, joy, and purpose.

You cannot solve the problem of loneliness by hoping things will change if you just keep wishing and praying.

Meet your Coach

Barbara Bird is the founder of Journey To Peace, an author and successful Biblical Life Coach.

Barbara is passionate about leading widows and married women who feel alone and overlooked to receive God’s love. She wants women who have no joy to walk confidently in His identity and finally experience how much He delights in them

Barbara understands how it feels to be lonely and have success on the outside but struggle deeply internally with feeling hollow which is why for the last 10 years she has specialized in helping lonely women experience lasting joy, peace, and emotional strength.

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See The Impact


Stop feeling stuck and alone. You are able to become a decisive woman again.